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Online Reservation System

Add a full-featured, easy-to-use hotel booking engine to your website easily. What you get is a powerful online booking system with more features, greater flexibility, and ease-of-use for your customer. Most importantly, the reservations are synced with our Hotel Management System.

Start taking reservations immediately and directly from your own website now!

Main Features

Room Rates and Inventory

  • Room types and Room availability is synced with Hotel Management System
  • Configure your room rates and season prices in Hotel Management System and they will be reflected in the Online Reservation System
  • Once payment is made online, a Hotel Voucher and Payment receipt are issued and customers can just bring the Hotel Voucher to the hotel when checking in


  • Auto-synchronize room availability and payment simultaneously with Hotel Management System
  • Allow customer to reserve as many rooms as needed without pre-allocating the rooms
  • All reservations made is auto-sync to Hotel Management System, no need to enter manually

Online Payment

  • Payments are made in advanced through an online payment gateway – iPay88 which is both secure and efficient
  • Moneys is bank in to your account in advanced