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Fraud Detection System

Do you think your hotel is making all the money it should?

Do you have a feeling that there is a revenue leakage in your hotel?

You are not alone here. The revenue leakages have plagued the budget hotel industry for a long time. Many techniques and processes are devised to tackle this but failed. Combining the experiences of experts in the budget hotel industry and the geniuses of electrical & electronic engineering, we have developed a solution to solve this problem, effectively!

How It Works

When a guest checks in and turns on the lights, TV and air-conditioner, electricity is used. When the electricity is used, a signal is sent to our system. The Hotel Management System will then compare the signals with the check-ins and payments, and alert the management on any revenue leakages detected.

If check-in is not detected, and there is electricity usage, the system will alert the reception of unauthorized usage of room and also captured in the power report which can be view by the supervisor.

With this system in place, it can detect leakages and fraud by staff of the hotel thus preventing losses to the hotel’s overall profitability in the long run.

Take note of this, leakages and fraud can affect the revenue of a hotel up to a staggering 20% per month!